Here at NEMAC we recognize that no two individuals have the same personal habits or preferences.  One person can be super neat and another quite messy.   The same can be said for residences, one can be reasonably clean and the next uninhabitable.  The type of residence is also going to effect the type of service we provide.   A newly constructed residence will not require the same amount of service as a residence being prepped for resale /rental.

And you the client have your own standards, expectations, and budget.   When any company says they are going to clean a residence based on the number of rooms or the square footage  for "X" amount of dollars,  how do they know the condition of the residence and whose standards and expectations are they going to meet?  You should be aware that these types of companies have a set procedure and may have hidden charges for cleaning items you want cleaned like appliances, window tracks, fans, etc.,   NEMAC has a set hourly rate and will provide only the service you want and need with no hidden charges..

To minimize the inconvenience of a cleaning service, NEMAC's basic team of three (3)  trained and supervised personnel, with all equipment and supplies, will be billed at a rate of $79.00 per hour.  Our two person teams are billed at a rate of $59.00 per hour.  Please note the number of personnel and subsequent rate may vary depending on job requirements and time restraints.

NEMAC does not charge for travel time if within 15 miles of our base in Thornton, CO.  A small surcharge is billed, depending on distance, if service is desired more than 15 miles FOB.