NEMAC'S GOAL;   To provide only the sevice you, the client, need and want, while exceeding your expectations and staying within your budget.

RENTAL PROPERTIES;  Our team can perform a deep clean when the property is vacated, maintenance cleaning pending reoccupation, and / or a deep clean for a new tenant

MOVE IN / MOVE OUT;   Whether you want your deposit back or just leave a good impression, our team can do it all or assist you.   And who wants to spend their first days in a new house cleaning?

FORECLOSURES;  After the repairs are made, the property will need a deep cleaning and maintenance cleaning until the property can be resold.

MODEL HOMES;  The first impression is important.  Let NEMAC help you make a good impression on a regular basis or as needed.
VACATION / SEASONAL HOMES;  If your home is going to be unoccuped for an extended period of time, NEMAC can perform regular maintenance cleaning or a  one time service prior to your arrival.

REAL ESTATE PROPERTIES;  Whether you are a realtor wanting a commission or a homeowner wanting a quick sale, NEMAC can help present the property as a clean, healthy, ready to be lived in home.

TIME SHARES;  NEMAC can clean and maintain these properties in between residents.

POST CONSTRUCTION;  Whether you've remodeled one room, or built a whole new house,  NEMAC can help with your post construction cleaning.

COMMON AREAS;  In a multi residential facility, NEMAC can maintain common areas like lobbies, stairs, hallways, game/laundry/ exercise rooms.